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ERIS Consulting is owned and operated by Gena Ozols, a leader with a wealth of experience in campaigns, non-profits, lobbying and legislative advocacy in Colorado. Gena brings a deep understanding of the various political landscapes across the region, as well as how to persuade and gain support for the issues that are important to voters and elected leaders. She has worked on a variety of electoral and legislative campaigns, and has a proven track record of getting results.

Over her career she has developed and implemented effective strategies for achieving the goals of various candidates and organizations championing reproductive rights, racial justice and labor issues. Gena brings strong leadership skills  and fresh perspectives to strategic coalition building efforts and has played a crucial role in growing Colorado's progressive electorate.

Gena's background in advocating for women in politics, leading field and community engagement projects to the Latinx community and her passion for protecting the state's interests have helped shape her political career. Her experience in Executive Leadership on statewide ballot measures and in helping move forward monumental legislation demonstrates her strategic thinking and ability to navigate complex political environments. Additionally, Gena's skills in donor relations and persuasive messaging can help her clients effectively communicate their impact and goals to potential donors and stakeholders.

With her active and direct approach to problem-solving, Gena can provide valuable guidance and support to organizations and candidates seeking to advance progressive causes in Colorado.

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