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ERIS leadership has been amplifying the political impact of candidates and organizations since 2007. We provide: 

  • Short and long-term strategic planning

  • C4, Independent Expenditures campaigns 

  • Endorsement process creation, oversight and management 

  • Social media campaigns and message delivery

  • Candidate recruitment and general consultant support 

Organizational Support

ERIS develops and implements effective strategies for:

  • Project management 

  • C3 and C4 Strategic planning 

  • Program optimization and process creation 

  • Creating winning narratives, program reports and messaging guidance

  • C4/C3 compliance support

  • Direct Action Organizing 

Lobbying & Government Affairs

ERIS can help you navigate the legislative process and advocate for your priorities at the local, state, and federal levels. We provide: 

  • Policy and bill support 

  • Bill launches (campaigns, social support, press launches

  • Coalition building

  • Stakeholder buy-in and organizing work 

  • Testimony drafting/witness preparation

  • Social Media toolkits/campaigns 


If you're looking to maximize or expand your donor lists, manage donor relationships, apply for and monitor grants, ERIS can provide strategic outreach plans for: 

  • Grant writing

  • Grant oversight/guidance

  • Colorado Gives Day and Giving Tuesday Campaigns 

  • Donor material creation and infographics 

  • Small Donor Committee Fundraising Planning/Membership drives 

  • Candidate fundraising and list building 

Field & Data Support

Whether you are creating a persuasion universe, targeting for GOTV, or planning your outreach calendar, ERIS can provide your team plans for

  • Data analysis 

  • Field targeting

  • Outreach support 

  • Volunteer recruitment and retention (plan creation)

  • Digital rapid response (website setup, social media toolkits, call to action drafting)

Candidate Support

ERIS offers candidate support packages relating to all aspects of your campaign. Including (but not limited to)

  • Campaign planning and drafting

  • Fundraising Planning, list creation and research

  • Call time support 

  • Field plan and target universe creation

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